"The Linen market is growing and becoming global: EUROPE – CHINA – INDIA – JAPAN – UNITED STATES ... Linen is a key answer to customers’ expectations thanks to strong sustainable values and remarkable properties. Moreover, it is supported by a high end innovation and a qualitative promotion.

How to prepare our future? What is the exact size of the market? How to meet demand? Together, how can we build at each stage of transformation and processing for a virtuous flax and linen ecosystem?

ECONOMY – MARKET – CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR), the 3 main topics we will explore during the first WORLD LINEN FORUM. Our agenda : transparency in sharing figures, fiber description tools, traceability of flax and linen, testimonials from key fashion industry leaders and global market studies…

Let’s all meet in Paris and join the WORLD LINEN FORUM on September 17th and 18th!"



President, European Confederation of Flax & Hemp